Buying Guide to Big Screen TVs!

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 55 Inch Led

When it comes to home entertainment, there’s nothing that could possibly beat having a big-ass 48(122 cm) TV at home. Be it gaming, streaming movies online or watching your favourite sports on Live TV,OLED/ LED TVs definitely steal the show. It’s no surprise that most of us love watching Cricket or Soccer matches on Big Screen TVs at pubs and hotels. With superfast internet connections and unlimited access to worldwide entertainment, getting a big screen TV would not be such a bad idea. As long you ensure that you do your bit of research, there’s nothing much to worry about. Here are some pointers you can add to your check-list while buying one of these behemoth TVs.
First things first; let us all be clear about the difference between LED and OLED TVs.

At present, majority of the TVs being sold today is based on the good old LCD technology, whether the various brands call them LED TV’s, SUHD TVs or the more recent one, Quantum Dot TVs. What many manufacturers refer to as LED TVs are nothing but LCD TVs that use LEDs for backlighting. They display images by passing LED light through colour filters. Compared to OLED TVs, LED TVs are cheaper.

Organic Light Emitting Diode display TVs or OLED TVs use LEDs that emit both, light and colour, unlike it’s counterpart – the LED TVs. OLED TVs use electroluminescence; or simply put, each pixel provides its own illumination.
While OLEDs offer much better picture quality, the high-end LED TVs that feature Quantum Dots (aka nano crystals) along with HDR (High Dynamic Range) are not far behind in the race.

The Better Catch
Comparing the two technologies, OLEDs are lighter, consume less power, offer better picture quality and have infinite viewing angles, offering clear visibility all the way to 90 degrees. On the other hand, OLEDs are more expensive, they are not manufactured by many brands and they have a lifespan, considering the use of organic material used in them.
LED TVs are a better choice; they are cheaper, easily available and preferred by many brands, new technologies offer remarkable display when compared to OLED TVs.

With many regional trending brands offering quality products at lower prices than the bigger brands, you get the advantage of making the most of your money. ViseElectronics is one such brand that offers products such as LED TVs, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners and much more. Vise TVs are known to be sturdy and offer a lot for the money you pay for. You can get yourself a 48(122 cm) Vise TV for the same price you would pay for a 32(80 cm) Samsung LED TV. When Vise offers the same features, specs and technology for a bigger TV, why go for anything else? So if you are very specific about budget and quality, Vise is definitely a brand you should check out while buying televisions online or in local stores.